How Seizures Can Affect You

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Traumatic brain injury has many health complications, and one of them is having seizures. No matter how mild, moderate or severe the original brain injury was, any type of injury to the brain can lead to a person having seizures. Suffering from this personal injury complication can affect many aspects of a person’s life; from studying, to work to their personal and social life.

What Is A Seizure?

The brain functions through electrical charges in the neurons that are controlled by the cells. When there is an abnormal electrical activity in the brain, it can affect the different neurons of the cells, thereby causing uncontrolled and sudden stimulations in the brain. These sudden and uncontrolled electrical charges can affect the either the whole brain (general seizures) or just parts of the brain (partial seizures).

Seizures and Brain Injury

Knowing the cause of your seizure can help in determining the likelihood of your attacks or “spells”. They can develop at any time, following the brain injury. Earlier seizure attacks may mean greater the chances of future attacks. Successive attacks can increase the risk of possible future attacks and traumatic epilepsy.

  1. A seizure which occurred within the 7 days after the brain injury is called “Early post-traumatic seizures”. About 25 percent of people who have experienced this will have another attack months or years later.
  2. Seizures that occur after 7 days of the brain injury are called “Late post-traumatic seizures”. More or less 80 percent of people who experience this will have another seizure or epilepsy.
  3. Epilepsy is the condition where a person suffers from more than one attack. This condition can affect the patient their whole lives.

There are many medications that can help in controlling these seizures (or attacks/”spells”). Consulting your physician can help determine the right medication. Seizures occur in 1 in every 10 person who has suffered from brain injury and was hospitalized. Even though seizures can affect your life, with medication you can resume to your normal life again.

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