The Difference Between Non-Dischargeable Debts and Dischargeable Debts

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One common misconception about bankruptcy that a number of debtors fall for is that filing for bankruptcy will eliminate every single one of their debts. Unfortunately, bankruptcy can only discharge certain types of debts. Every debt is classified as either dischargeable or non-dischargeable, and it is important that you understand the difference before you file for bankruptcy.

While bankruptcy can help eliminate a number of your debts, it cannot get rid of all of them. As the name suggests, dischargeable debts are those that can be eliminated, or discharged, while non-dischargeable debts are ones that cannot be eliminated by Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

There is a large difference between dischargeable and non-dischargeable debts, as non-dischargeable ones are those that the debtor will be responsible for paying even after filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. According to Section 523 of the Bankruptcy Code, some common types of non-dischargeable debts include the following:

  • Debts that aren’t listed when you file for bankruptcy
  • Student loans
  • Child support and alimony
  • Any financial compensation you owe in a personal injury settlement
  • Penalties from traffic tickets or crimes
  • Taxes

While a debtor will still be responsible for paying these debts after a bankruptcy filing, there are other types that they will be able to eliminate. The following are the types of debts you can discharge by filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy:

  • Credit card debt
  • Small claims judgments
  • Medical bills

Although credit card debt is dischargeable, any debt accrued suspiciously close to the bankruptcy filing date or charges considered luxurious may not be discharged. Speaking with a knowledgeable and experienced bankruptcy lawyer can help you determine whether filing for bankruptcy is right for your particularly financial situation due to the limitations placed on discharging debt.



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Child Support: What Parents Need to Know

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Child support is often one of the most challenging issues for divorcing parents. Aimed at ensuring that the various needs of the child are met even after his or her parents have separated, child support requires one parent to provide the other with financial assistance to help pay for the costs of raising their child.

Support to their biological child when parents decide to separate is both a legal and moral obligation. Thus, the non-custodial parent, otherwise called the obligor, will be ordered by the court to pay a specified amount monthly or periodically to the parent who has child custody, the child’s guardian or caregiver, or to the state, in the absence of any specific individual.

In promoting and enforcing child care, the Child Support Enforcement Act of 1984 paved the way for all states to list the factors that need to be considered when deciding child support issues, such as how much financial support the non-custodial parent ought to pay monthly. Though these factors differ from state to state, the more basic ones include:

– the parents’ present income (can be earned income, portfolio income or passive income). Income includes salaries, dividends, commissions, overtime pay, and all other monetary forms of earning.

– custodial parent’s living expenses and the living standard of the child before the divorce.

– the age and needs of the child and the capacity of the parents to make a contribution.

Child support is intended for the child’s basic needs: food, clothing, shelter and education. Though it is usually required by the court only until the child turns 18, additional contribution can be required by the court intended for the child’s other activities and interests.            

 To learn more about child support payments and what you may be entitled to receive, consult with an attorney.

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Artifacts Stolen from Canadian Church

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stolen church atrifactPolice in Victoria, British Columbia are investigating a church break in from which thieves were able to escape with precious artifacts.

The cathedral’s dean believes the intruders must have hid inside the chapel while it was being locked up for the night. When the coast was clear, the thieves broke into a display case, taking church items from as early as the 17th century. Among the stolen goods were coins, a golden chalice, and a communion plate.

Officers were notified of the break in at around 10:00pm last night. They searched the area thoroughly, but were unable to turn up any hard evidence or determine a suspect.

As the investigation continues, police ask anyone who has any information to offer aid.

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How Seizures Can Affect You

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Traumatic brain injury has many health complications, and one of them is having seizures. No matter how mild, moderate or severe the original brain injury was, any type of injury to the brain can lead to a person having seizures. Suffering from this personal injury complication can affect many aspects of a person’s life; from studying, to work to their personal and social life.

What Is A Seizure?

The brain functions through electrical charges in the neurons that are controlled by the cells. When there is an abnormal electrical activity in the brain, it can affect the different neurons of the cells, thereby causing uncontrolled and sudden stimulations in the brain. These sudden and uncontrolled electrical charges can affect the either the whole brain (general seizures) or just parts of the brain (partial seizures).

Seizures and Brain Injury

Knowing the cause of your seizure can help in determining the likelihood of your attacks or “spells”. They can develop at any time, following the brain injury. Earlier seizure attacks may mean greater the chances of future attacks. Successive attacks can increase the risk of possible future attacks and traumatic epilepsy.

  1. A seizure which occurred within the 7 days after the brain injury is called “Early post-traumatic seizures”. About 25 percent of people who have experienced this will have another attack months or years later.
  2. Seizures that occur after 7 days of the brain injury are called “Late post-traumatic seizures”. More or less 80 percent of people who experience this will have another seizure or epilepsy.
  3. Epilepsy is the condition where a person suffers from more than one attack. This condition can affect the patient their whole lives.

There are many medications that can help in controlling these seizures (or attacks/”spells”). Consulting your physician can help determine the right medication. Seizures occur in 1 in every 10 person who has suffered from brain injury and was hospitalized. Even though seizures can affect your life, with medication you can resume to your normal life again.

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The Law Regarding Personal Injury

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You can be in dire financial straits once you have been involved in an accident, whether it is while working on the job or while driving your vehicle or even just walking on the side of the road. Serious injuries can take some time to heal, and medical treatments can be very painful and expensive. This is the main reason why most people prefer to hire a personal injury lawyer to help get compensation from the person responsible for the accident and resulting injuries.

Although it would be best to put the case on trail with a judge or jury, most people nowadays prefer to settle their personal injury claims. There are many reasons why people prefer this method. According to, the main reason why people settle is because of the time restraints. Personal injury takes time to process and finalize, and waiting for the final decision could exhaust the victim in many ways. Because of the immediate need for money for medication, damage repairs and other expenses brought about by the accident, most victims prefer to settle for an amount they think is enough to compensate for their troubles.

Another reason is because most victims are not well-versed about the law regarding personal injury as well as the insurance industry, especially victims who didn’t hire a personal injury lawyer. Insurance companies tend to not give the fair amount of compensation to the victim. And since the victim is in dire need of money for medical expenses, they can settle for any compensation in order to pay for them. This can be a huge mistake, as insurance companies often do everything they can to underpay on valid claims.

There are many factors which can contribute to early settlement of personal injury suits. Although settling your case can give you immediate compensation, more often these may not be enough for long term medications and other damages such as pain and suffering. Consult with a personal injury lawyer so you can increase the chances that you get the fair amount of compensation that you are should. A lawyer’s knowledge of injury laws can make all the difference in your case.

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Facts About Broken Bones and Scarring

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For most people, personal injury claims are typically considered to be only for those with devastating injuries such as brain injuries, spinal injuries, or loss of life. However, this is not the case; personal injury claims are for everyone who has been injured due to the reckless behavior or negligence of another party. Personal injury attorneys often urge people who have been victims of such accidents to pursue the compensation they deserve, as these types of injuries can have significant consequences for their lives. This includes injuries that cover a wide swathe of physical damage to the body such as broken bones and scarring.

Broken bones and scarring can be caused by various factors, such as car accidents, slips and falls, sports accidents, old age, and others. According to, when you have been injured because of someone else’s recklessness or negligence, you may be entitled to pursue compensation. Suffering from broken bones and severe scarring can have multiple effects on your life, including things such as:

  1. Pain and discomfort – broken bones take a long time to heal, and severe scarring can cause permanent disfigurement. You may also have limited mobility which can be a hindrance in your daily activities.
  2. Employment – Because of the time needed for rehabilitation, you may miss work, or even lose employment.
  3. Financial issues – treatments for broken bones and severe scarring are long and expensive. Aside from lost wages, you may be forced to pay for these expensive treatments and medications with your own money, which can put you in a financial bind.
  4. Other health complications – broken bones and scarring can lead to other, more significant health issues.

Personal relationships can also be affected, and your quality of living may be reduced as well. These issues, along with many others, are generally why people seek compensation for broken bones and severe scarring. Personal injury claims can be complex and take a long time to settle, which is why it is vital for people to have the guidance of injury attorneys who can help them resolve their claims as fast as possible. With the right legal counsel, broken bones and severe scarring can be compensated, and people who are responsible for these injuries can be held accountable for their errors. Your lawyer should be able to help you through these complicated issues.

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Egyptians Illiegally Burying Dead near Pyramids

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The pyramids of Dahshur, which are among Egypt’s oldest and most well-preserved pyramids, are being encroached upon by modern people who have no place else to bury their dead.

The land surrounding these pyramids is protected from being built upon by the government, but that has not stopped more than 1,000 tombs from being placed within these boundaries. The area’s old cemetery has filled up, leaving its inhabitants without a place to bury their dead. Since the cemetery reached capacity, people have created an annex on the protected pyramid lands.

bent pyramidOne of the more troubling aspects of this is that many looters are using the grave digging business as an excuse to unearth and steal artifacts they find. These looters create dangerous situations as reports indicate that they sometimes wait in ambush and attack archaeologists working on the site.

This is becoming a widespread issue across the country, as the police force has become increasingly ineffectual as a result of Egypt’s recent revolution. Meanwhile, the people have become more confident in standing up to and fighting authority. The nation is also suffering from economic downturn, limited housing, and a drop in tourism.

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