I Hit my Head

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I hit my head yesterday. I know, that’s typical for me. Just another clumsy accident from yours truly. But this time, I didn’t walk into a door or anything, something hit me. Or, okay, I walked into it, but it wasn’t my fault.

I’ll lay it out for you, and you decide. I was going for a run around downtown yesterday. Okay, so maybe someone as clumsy as me shouldn’t get into running, but I’ve had a goal to lose weight this year, and I’ve tried my best to keep up with these sorts of things, so far without accident (except, of course, for the story I’m telling you now). Usually, I just run around the neighborhood or down the sidewalks to the town and back. But on this particular, ill-fated day, I decided to double my normal run because I wouldn’t be able to work out for a few days (family vacation time, which meant lots of calories and not a lot of activity).

I went down to town without a problem, but then I decided to take a run around the main downtown blocks, and I got myself in trouble. The trouble was a big piece of lumber sticking out right at my height. This lumber was literally just sticking out into the sidewalk. Someone had hoisted it up and lent it against something in the construction yard. It wasn’t tagged or anything, no signs or warnings, just wood sticking out into the world, waiting for a head to run into it.

Which my head obligingly did. I hit it so hard, I actually did a comedic pratfall backward and landed on my butt.

The good people of downtown were kind enough not to laugh and to ask if I was alright, which I thought I was at the time. One nice lady actually gave her name and number in case I needed a witness later, which, it seems likely, I will now need.

Because I felt pretty okay after I hit my head, but later, I developed a massive headache and ended up vomiting half the night away. My doctor said I likely had a concussion.

Now, I’m not sure if I want to consider a lawsuit or not. Does this count as a construction accident when I’m not one of the workers?

I suppose the decision will all depend on whether this concussion issue goes away without costing me more or if I need something else like brain surgery or brain replacement, you know something fancy and futuristic that costs a bundle.

Hopefully, I just feel better in the next day or so and I can move on with my life. Otherwise…what a pain I’m in for.

At least, though, for once, I am not at fault for my own clumsy head injuries. Perhaps this is an opportunity to get my head properly examined, all on the construction company’s dime. What do you think?

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