Egyptians Illiegally Burying Dead near Pyramids

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The pyramids of Dahshur, which are among Egypt’s oldest and most well-preserved pyramids, are being encroached upon by modern people who have no place else to bury their dead.

The land surrounding these pyramids is protected from being built upon by the government, but that has not stopped more than 1,000 tombs from being placed within these boundaries. The area’s old cemetery has filled up, leaving its inhabitants without a place to bury their dead. Since the cemetery reached capacity, people have created an annex on the protected pyramid lands.

bent pyramidOne of the more troubling aspects of this is that many looters are using the grave digging business as an excuse to unearth and steal artifacts they find. These looters create dangerous situations as reports indicate that they sometimes wait in ambush and attack archaeologists working on the site.

This is becoming a widespread issue across the country, as the police force has become increasingly ineffectual as a result of Egypt’s recent revolution. Meanwhile, the people have become more confident in standing up to and fighting authority. The nation is also suffering from economic downturn, limited housing, and a drop in tourism.

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