Ear-Pinning Surgery for Kids and Teens

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Many adults prefer to teach their children that their individuality is something to be celebrated. While this is often true, the truth is that glaring physical deformities such as protruding ears can cause children to be the target of vicious bullying.

Some experts estimate that by the time a child is five or six years old, if his or her ears are still clearly large, the child will probably never “grow into” them. Therefore, it’s not surprising that about 60 percent of all ostoplasty procedures—or ear surgeries—are performed on patients aged 13 to 19.

These surgeries can fix many aesthetic ear problems, including asymmetrical, big, or oddly shaped ears. The surgeries usually only take about 2 hours, with 4-6 weeks healing time and about 2-3 months before the final, permanent results become apparent.

Ostoplasty can often have life-changing benefits for children and teens. The surgery can reduce bullying, allowing the child a completely different experience at school. Some effects of ostoplasty for kids and teens include:

  • Heightened self esteem, and a willingness to make new friends
  • Better grades; this may stem from the child’s belief that they are more accepted at school
  • More regular school attendance due to reduced bullying

For a child that is being regularly bulled for his or her “bat ears” at school, an ostoplasty may be the difference between becoming a successful social butterfly or spiraling into seclusion and depression. If your child hates his or her ears, a simple ear-pinning surgery may be the perfect solution.

Before committing to one surgeon, it may be wise to research many different board-certified doctors before deciding on one to perform an ostoplasty on your child.

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